• In NYS, there are over four thousand amateur players, more than anywhere else in the world. The number of squash courts is declining, while the number of players is increasing. Squash is growing in schools, both public and private, yet most have restricted court access. We want to change the perception of squash, and the access to squash.
  • Forbes Magazine has Squash ranked as “The Healthiest Sport”. The Squash Center will have state-of-the-art fitness and training equipment, with physical therapists and conditioning experts.
  • In 1980 there were 87 courts available in NYC, with 80 in Manhattan. In 2012 there were 24 in the City, with only 14 in Manhattan. Yet the number of NYC squash players are growing (over 25% of all U.S. players are in NYC), juniors are on the rise, and there is the possibility that Squash will someday be played in the Olympic Games.
  • Squash brings out the best in people. Friendships that are created around the game, on and off the court, endure and grow into a strong sense of community. The Squash Center will encourage this. The Center will have a lounge, a bar and restaurant; flat screen monitors will have access to the players on the court, tournaments in other locales, or YouTube sessions.
  • We are looking at several exciting locations in various parts of the City, as noted on the map.
  • The Squash Center will broaden access to the sport. join us as we create a spectacular new Squash Center in NYC. It will serve the community, train both amateur and elite players, and host a variety of national and international singles and double squash tournaments.

We will have fifteen singles and two doubles courts, with a glass-walled exhibition center court and spectator seating for tournaments. We will use innovative technology – such as above and front court cameras, motion tracking devices for swing and movement, for both viewing experiences as well as coaching aids. Image courtesy of Perkins + Will